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The BrownMillerGroup team has decades of experience in campaigns, public affairs, and issue advocacy campaigns, and know how to craft a winning strategy. You can count on us.

We call it the Circle of Engagement, and it is a complete approach to campaigns.

Rather than segregating the various aspects of communication into silos, the Circle of Engagement uses in-depth analysis to layer and integrate paid communications. Under our approach, targeted mail lays the foundation for more effective field and phone programs that coincide with broad-based press and political strategies.

The Circle of Engagement involves follow-up contact and real-time data entry. It involves clear goals, timelines, reporting, and budgets to ensure accountability.

The Circle of Engagement is holistic, scalable, and responsive to the needs of your campaign.


Our services:

Public Affairs

Direct mail

Phone programs

Grassroots / Field

Our Clients Say it Best

  • My seat was one of the most competitive in New York, and it’s BrownMillerGroup who I turned to every time to win. Their years of experience are evident in everything they do -- they’re not only extremely talented, but they’re also professional and rational in their strategy. I trust the work they do and look forward to working with them in the future.–Senator Joeseph Addabbo, New York Senate

  • BrownMillerGroup’s strategy is straightforward, but requires expert implementation. This they can do, better than anyone else. Their data analysis and modeling were the foundation of my race, and the layering of mail and telephone messaging was precise. They know what they’re doing.–Stephen Pierson, NY City Council

  • Mayor Hancock won his runoff against an opponent with higher name recognition and better funding. Many thanks to the dedicated team at BrownMillerGroup for superb analytics, targeting and direct mail that grew turnout and propelled Hancock to a big win in Denver.–Beage Atwater, Dep. Campaign Manager